Florida is home to MANY national & local celebrities, an angle of this show’s development is to create a means to working with celebrities to grace the airwaves of BECON.TV helping raise the bar of interest through the use of celebrity.

Tahiti Cora, a stunning miami based sky diving model with 2.5 Million Likes on Facebook and over 300k followers on Instagram, (French & English Fluent).

A primary angle this show is tweaked to cater to is comments and notes from Noel Hyatt arming him with the strongest teeth when he’s pitching potential sponsors the catalog of BECON¬†shows and possibly fill a gap that doesn’t currently exist to give him & BECON a boost in ad sales.

Celebrity Short List:

Squidly Cole – Reggae Drummer
Cool & Dre – Producers
Inner Circle РBand / Circle House Р Recording Studio
Trick Daddy
Cory Zeidman – World Poker Champion