Note regarding production of this video:  This video is not representation of our on-screen graphics for FoTV. This is a simple overall explanation of Florida on TV Show. 310.408.6687 EST


The following elements are expected:


  • Treatment (Required) – describe how the television program will unfold from beginning to end. Include story
    • Structure, theme, style, format, voice, and point-of-view.
  • Key personnel (Required) – provide information on key project staff, experts, consultants and talent.
  • Synopsis – briefly outline the subject and story of the program.
  • Episodic descriptions (if project is a series)
  • Project timetable – provide a schedule of all phases of production.
  • Interactive elements – explain plans for a companion web site, including production team and budget.
  • Budget – include an itemized list of project costs and any funds and in-kind support raised to date.
  • Business plan – explain the status of the project and discuss your plans for funding and completing it.
  • Sample work – include samples of previous work that best exemplify your production ability.
    • Full branding production for Hip Hop Artist PBG Miami
    • Recently produced expansive full branding style guide
    • Video Editing – our latest promo video is here