Lead Producer / FLTV Owner
Dean Palermo & Elettro Incorporated Branding Marketing & Digital Dev Team
Long time national TV Network marketing prodution leader.  Long time digital marketing / social marketing / branding development production leader.  With years of experience in working with restaurants, music stars and TV networks, we feel like we know how these businesses wish to be presented, so it makes sense for us to produce this type of content for our own show.

  • All branding graphics for print & digital
  • branding animations
  • on screen graphics
  • Video editing
  • All interactive needs Website / Social Media / Mobile
  • Show Production Leadership

Potential PRIMARY Host / Consultant

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Potential Primary Host / Consultant
Logan Springfield
– Male hunk model / tall fitness guru looking body builder / great personality, easy going almost southern laid back and well informed guy, who’s been in Miami all his adult life. Social Media Expert.(Tahiti Cora’s husband)

cora-3 cora-2 cora-4 cora-surfing
Tahiti Cora – English / French Fluent professional BEAUTIFUL model with large social media following. Very professional, yet can be cute and fun. One of those unique people that exude warmth and positivity.  Long time Miami resident.  Professional skydiver.  Social Media Expert.



Consultant / Potential Segment Host
Josh “Sandman” Clyde
–  Minnesota native who’s lived and work in South Florida for 15 years, literally the TOP local sand artist, whom’s services we intend on show casing through this show, and integrating this service into the Network Ad Sales can offer clients.  Extremely personable guy, funny, musician, rapper, great improvisational communicator.  Sand Artist, Mural Artist, and creative artist in general.  He will also be heavily involved in assisting in the producing of segments.

Noel Hyatt – Consultants 
Great relationship, great communication and an interest to work together to tune this in just right. We respect your knowledge, opinions, and we are excited to be flexible to recommendations and notes to help us help produce the best possible product for the network.


Squidly Cole / Potential Segment Content & Reggae Niche Host

Literally the Marley family world touring drummer for the last decade+. Multi Grammy winning musician / producer, super talent and out spoken Rastafarian.  His 2nd home is Florida


screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-8-14-25-am1929039_1131280595948_6661640_n 216202_1912399363429_7352542_n
Abebe Lewis / Celebrity Music Talent Wrangler & Miami NightLife VIP Connected
Owner – Famous Circle House Studios in North Miami.
Manager of Inner Circle constant local and world touring
Promoter Live/Story and dozens of other locations he’s DIRECTLY connected
Contributor of cool shooting location
Wrangler of hot local and larger celebrity talent
Potential source of shot video content that then would be need to be refined.
—Potential Local Entertainment Segment Host— He might only think of himself as behind the scenes but i’m going to try and get him in front of camera.

We work with Abebe Lewis, a LONG TIME south Florida beacon of celebrity talent.  His father & Uncles from Inner Circle (bad boys/cops) has been based in south Florida for decades owning the studio where a MASSIVE AMOUNT of Marley reggae has been recorded, Pitbull, Happy by Pharrell, Jay-Z, Beyonce level folks from out of state use Circle House to make their world dominating music.  Abebe also is involved in local promotion of local artists, international tour management with Inner Circle touring the world.  So we will be working in partnership with Abebe Lewis on some of the music segments. He’s our top star wrangler who has an endless supply of local and national star talent.



Cory Zeidman / Consultant Potential Segment Host / Local Celebrity
2014 Hi Low 7 Card Stud Poker World Champ – INSANELY FUNNY, intelligent guy who has deep relationships with the local casinos, constant local high roller game player.



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Ed Johnston / Florida Photographer
Ed has been a professional scenery photographer and model photographer with pieces in galleries locally.  I will utilize some of his photography and possibly do some segments with him.



Santino Sloan – Consultant / Potential Segment host – HAIR/SALON EXPERT
Santino has been cutting womens hair in South Florida for decades.  He also currently travels the world speaking to large groups at seminars for client brands. Very personable guy who SHOULD be in front of a camera.


Michael Hoffman / Consultant / Potential Tech Segment Host / Sweet Spot Studios
A ProTools expert whom I’ll be able to use to give ProTool tutorials if we make any segments for this or potentially a completely different series of episodes.  Studio location where i will be potentially shooting live music recording.  Possible studio where I will produce audio / music for show.   Local.



Patrick McMullan / Legendary NYC Social Photographer
Patrick known from his NYC Work has developed a Florida presence these last few years. Basically if I can catch Patrick in Florida and follow him around as he works, we’ll get some social entertainment segments with him.


(Portia is on left)

Portia Holt / PR Setai Hotel South Beach / Consultant
Portia’s works in the PR Dept at Setai and can have southbeach shooting location resources.