Explain plans for a companion web site, including production team and budget

Our Artwork / Animation / Programming Ability Gives Us This Edge Up

Our ability to be able to rapidly and flexibly create web, social and mobile structures, so we can improve ability to offer more in-depth advertiser / marketing offerings that are TV Exposure but can include off TV Marketing elements as well.

Our technical development ability is the strongest piece to our puzzle, we want to gain some perspective of having show on-air and look deeper into QR Codes, Shazamming, Pull Out your Cell Phone and interact with the show. type of coordinations across show / web site / mobile apps / social profiles.  So first things first, lets get on-air to gain the experience and see what savvy tech techniques make sense for us to explore with.


Currently Elettro Incorporated has been incurring all of the production costs.  We are interested to hear about what network can bring to the project, so that way together we can benefit from sponsorship opportunities.

As you can see our web prowess is sharp by the fact I built a website to present this complex set of tons of information in a clean easier way to consume way.  We are a Webby award winning web dev team, probably our greatest strength at the center of the core of our experience.

We are completely able to tweak our web presence for Sponsor Integration, so when it comes to needing to be able to break the standard web situation and need to get into custom building, thats where we excel.

Mobile App

We are also mobile developers as you know we’ve donated a free iTunes and Google Android with free app hosting for School Duel for a few years now.   Once we get into the schedule and on-air, I estimate that we would build a clean / nice FoTV mobile app for iTunes & Google Play.

Facebook Fan page

We will explore live broadcast on our Facebook fan page.  We have been involved with running entertainment fan pages since they started. Our first host has 2.5 Million FB Followers & over 300k Instagram followers.

Instagram Profile 

We will keep it up dated and engaged.

YouTube Channel

Based on guidance with Channel we’ll be posting FLTV produced content no Youtube channel.