Meal Preparation – Step by Step

  • Chef
    • Quick Meal Prep
      • Dish 1
      • Dish 2 +
  • Other local celebrity chefs
    • Many celebrities have a passion for food & cooking (non-traditional guest celebrity chef)
      • Other Local Celeb Chefs
      • Trick Daddy
      • Trina
      • PBG Miami
      • DJ Khaled
      • Inner Circle Chef
  • Segment Title: CELEBRITY MEAL
    Maybe Chef prepares favorite dish of celebrity and then eats it with them at Chef’s Restaurant. Or Chef & Celebrity go to other locations
  • Segment Title: PAIRINGs   (fast interstitial)
    mostly with Chef where the chef Recommends certain drinks with certain meals/foods
  • Feature Cater’er of LARGE south florida events. West Palm Beach
    Talk to Marina Shem about her and her chef and any catered events from the catering perspective.