Stashbox Reggae Concert Saturday March 14th 8:30pm at Rips Sports Lounge – Pompano Beach, FL


March 14th Rips Sports Lounge 8:30pm – 12:30am GET DIRECTIONS TO RIPS
2200 N Federal Hwy Pompano Beach, FL – Check for drink specials


Paying homage to the best reggae classics of all time this exciting band is the ultimate grab a drink and dance band.   Stashbox perform from 8:30pm to 12:30am. 

Not only do these cover so many of the original Jamaican classics, they do a ton of Sublime tunes click Sublime to see the full set lists.  The amazing

Peter Roland will be joining Stashbox during their last set, he is the lead guitarist in the Kat Riggin’s Blues Revival Band that recently signed to a great label.  You can also catch Dean Palermo’s Tribute to Bob Dylan here

Stashbox has some other shows going on as well – see below.  

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April 24th – April 26th Friday & Saturday Night Show


The Feel Good Festival
July 19th, 2020 – Fairburn, GA

Stashbox is a featured at on the Feel Good Festival, a multi-event festival on a giant piece of beautiful property just south of Atlanta, GA

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About RIPS


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Altruism in Extremis — The Evolving Ethics of Organ Donation

For W.B.’s life partner, in retrospect, the first sign was dishcloths full of water: Why had W.B. stopped wringing them out as he had always done? His hands, it turned out, had grown weak, and soon his foot started making slapping sounds when he walked; when he could no longer mow the lawn without resting, he sought medical care, only to be told he was deconditioned because he was overweight and had a sedentary job. When he started falling down, W.B., then 55, was finally referred to a neurologist, who diagnosed him with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). W.B., a father of three who’d spent his life working hard and caring for others, researched his disease. With a clear understanding of his prognosis, he felt a profound desire to still help others. He approached the University of Wisconsin’s transplant center with an unusual request: to donate all his organs before he died. If he had to die in a process that would strip him of his dignity and sense of purpose, why not be allowed this final act that could save other lives?


See full article at NEJM


Stepping Out Fort Lauderdale Play



STEPPING OUT is by Richard Harris. Originally produced in London in 1985, it opened on Broadway in 1987. This is a charming play about Mavis, a retired dancer who keeps busy by teaching a tap dance class in the basement of a London church. A small group of women and one man are in the class for fun, to do something, and get out of the house.

STEPPING OUT is the charming play by Richard Harris Originally on Broadway in 1987


About this Event

STEPPING OUT is the story of Mavis a retired professional dancer who now teach a dance class in a church basement. This rag tag group of misfits learns a lot more than tap dancing as they discover things about themselves and over coming their fears as they dance in a local community recital.

The Epiphany theatre presents STEPPING OUT Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays, 7pm, April 16th thru May 2nd. Directed by Ed Sparan.

Tickets are $30, available at or call Epiphany theatre or call at 754 213 7125.

Elliot Hall
2501 N E 30th St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306
View Map

A local charity show is to have a benefit and the tap class is asked to perform. This small ragtag group find friendship in one another and learn about facing their fears in life by facing their fears dancing for an audience. This play about a tap dance class features a talented ensemble cast. Actors include Norma (Sky) Dauer, Brian Dever, Terri Sullivan, Shawana Wright, Tatiana Solodka, Svitlana Solodka, Angela Mary Piraino, Laura Finley, Gail Byer, and Jordana Forrest.

Featuring local Laura Finley

The Epiphany theatre presents STEPPING OUT Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays, 7pm, April 16 thru May. 2. Directed by Ed Sparan.

Tickets are $30, available at or call Epiphany theatre or call at 754 213 7125.


Featured South Florida Real Estate Agents

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South Florida Sand Art


Looking to enhance one of your events with some sand artwork? It can be indoor on a fold out table or 10 tons of sands piled up and sculpted, or it could be a massive sand painting of a brand or a WILL YOU MARRY ME written out big enough for helicopter companies to contract us to do it for their fly over proposals, preferred location – Biscayne Bay. 

See Photo Gallery at


Brands & WIll You Marry Me – Sand Paintings & Corporate Unity Experience

Contact: for project price quotes.



Floor piece or Table Top
– Benefits: Weather doesn’t affect it, and much safer from general public touching it.


See Photo Gallery at


Fortune 500 brands, local businesses, charities, 

Super Sand Structures to more modest sized one day production sculptures. 

This structure is considered a larger sculpture: 

These Sand Sculptures are more the typical sized structures we do most frequently for brands and events.  


Other Fun Structures that are possible — Each project is completely unique so you need to speak with one of our representatives to get a firm price quote.  Contact Elettro Sand Art at




We feature businesses that have high ratings from legitimate sources like Google Reviews or Zillow Reviews. 

Levine Team – South Florida’s top residential buy / sell real estate team

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Tahiti Cora ‘Jump For Your Life’


International brand spokesmodel, professional sky diver, Cora known as a popular Facebook and Instagram influencer ‘Tahiti Cora’ she sprinkles photos, videos and stories of her travels on millions of people around the world who all come together in support of Cora and her adventures.  

Introducing South Florida Top Female Professional Sky Divers

Tahiti Cora on Facebook | Instagram

Anais Zanotti 




Sky Diver Tahiti Cora Mid-Air


Pre jump nothing but Good Vibes from Tahiti Cora before she jumps out of that plane, Cora has performed hundreds of jumps these last few years.  Not every landing is pretty but with persistence you get better at it.  If you are interested in Private Instruction from a top sky diver you can contact Cora directly at her Facebook page or Instagram. 

These two South Florida based thrill seekers / professional sky divers and social media influencers have been friends for quite a while as you can see. 


Looking to BUY OR SELL A HOUSE OR CONDO in South Florida? 

Featured Real Estate Agent -Broward County

Doug Levine – Keyes

Doug Levine, MilRES, LRS

(954) 815-5711

Levine Team Reviews:  See 70+ Reviews
“My closing went smoothly and it was an easy transaction with the sale of my house.”  Review Date: 1/28/2020″Nothing but great things to say about Doug and the Levine Team. Relocating from NY to Davie, Florida due to a job transfer. I knew nothing about the area. After voicing my preferences and concerns, Doug went to work. The process was close to, if not over, a year long and we were over 1200 miles away. Doug was very  patient and very understanding. Through constant contact and a few trips to the area, we formed a great friendship and trusted him enough with our needs, that the home we finally offered on was done over a video call and his opinion of the house, based on how well he got to know us. We purchased the home and could not be happier. The entire process was easy and painless. He guided us every step of the way. He is a hard worker and a man of his word. Always available to talk when needed. Even his recommended legal group and lending team were exceptional. He is full of integrity and provided nothing but the best. I can not thank him enough. We have made a friend for life.”  Review Date: 12/23/2019


Reaxtion Band – South Florida Top Soul Funk Band


Check out Reaxtion Band website and on Facebook when you get a chance they have shows all over town, they are one of the top soul / funk revue bands that get people dancing all night long wherever they show up.  Could be Grumpy Gary’s by the beach, could be a wedding or corporate show or recently at a Joey Gilmore Tribute and Appreciation Show.   

An entertainer’s entertainer, Rob knows how to connect with an audience and get them up on the dance floor. His smooth vocals and impeccable timing give the ReaXtion Band its polished sound.


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Tribute Bob Dylan perform ‘Silvio’ ‘Serve Somebody’ & ‘Simple Twist of Fate’ at South Florida’s hottest Blues jam


Every Wednesday you can catch a variety of talent that finds their way to this long standing tradition of Blues Over Easy Blues Jam run by Mike Ancona and Stephen Jeremia and sometimes Peter the Pitbull Bluezzman.  This night a top Bob Dylan Tribute band did a surprise set Tribute Bob Dylan.  This all star band is comprised of Dean Palermo – Singer / Guitarist from the long time Reggae band Stashbox (, Peter Roland Guitar / Vocals from the Kat Riggins Blues Revival band and Peter Roland Trio,  Mike Ancona from the Blues Over Easy Jam and Mary Washington Blues Band, and Mike Wollman Drummer, who is also a percussionist in the very busy Reaxtion Band funk soul super act.  

Check out Kelly Brothers Irish Pub 

Read D P.‘s review of Kelly Brothers Irish Pub on Yelp 

So there is some talent floating around this group.  They take you on such a fun fresh musical path through all these great old Bob Dylan songs with lively energy and jamming mixed in really spicing things up turning it into fun dance music.  If you want to book the band you can get ahold of them on their Facebook or at





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The Feel Good Festival & Futurist Expo – Fairburn, GA July 18th/19th 2020



The Feel Good Festival ™ is a Green Expo & Conference: a unique “progressive urban event” , incorporating a diverse variety of entertainment & educational programming with international and cross-generational appeal promoting both traditional community values, as well as creating opportunities for individuals, businesses and governments to transform themselves through cutting edge creative arts, education, sustainable business practices, and healthy living.


Catch the Event discount while its available …to try to get the 25% off use Promo Code: BlackFriday25


Location: Fairburn, Georgia
Event: The Feel Good Festival & Futurist Expo
Dates: July 18th/19th, 2020
Performers: Third World, Maxi Priest, Betty Wright, Tito Puente Jr,, Miri Ben-Ari, Jack Radics, Alex Bugnon, Stashbox, International Women in Reggae, Tami La’ray, The Blak Diamond Band, Sir Charles, Jones, Day Clean and more big names to be announced. 


Event Promotions by Chubb Rock – Authentic Caribbean, Sound Faculty, Reggae.Land 

Event Grounds Event Grounds South Florida Homes for Sale

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South Florida is one of the most popular parts of the United States to move currently.  The public and private schools are great, some of the high quality private schools in the nation.  See American Heritage  & Pine Crest the weather is amazing, especially to people who live in the upper north east and colder climates across the United States and around the world.  Check out some featured listings in Davie, Plantation, Cooper City and some surrounding areas.  

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If you go a little bit west in Davie, FL you can find properties with more land and space on them.  Often associated with horse back riding Davie, is a hybrid area mix of rural country and beautiful tranquil suburban housing neighborhoods. 

Featured Band: Stashbox Rock, Reggae, Blues, Jam Incredible

Top South Florida Reggae Rock Band

Available for Booking

This South Florida based band Stashbox covers an array of genres from Roots Jamaican Reggae one song then Rock next song, then classic Johnny Cash shuffle, and other twists and turns around Rock and Reggae classics and originals.  This band has stacked up full sets of Sublime, Beatles, Bob Marley, and a constantly expanding and growing list of Reggae and Rock songs many people enjoy. 

Contact Stashbox at for booking festivals, civic street events, clubs, beach venues, corporate and private parties. 

Website –
Facebook –