Things we stack up to ask the BECON.TV Folks

  • Desired Inventory of Items for us to produce specfiically
    • Episodes/Segment lengths recommended?
    • There was a mention of 10-15 second segments ?
    • What graphics / branding elements would you need from us?
    • FL TV Commercial / tune-in promo videos
      • what length(s)?
      • Also what size? full screen? left 1/3? right 1/3? lower third?
  • Permits / Release Agreements
    • What do we need when we have people on camera?
    • Whats the ruling on strangers and passer by people in public shooting shots?
    • Any specific situations we need to avoid / pay extra special attention with
    • Whats the ruling on people under age of 18? Anything special?
    • Shooting somebody’s Boat & Big Rich House?
    • DO YOU HAVE A LIBRARY OF “COPYRIGHT FRIENDLY” VIDEO / AUDIO that we can pull from / utilize?
    • Any Library of AfterEffects goodies?
    • Photo Library?


Press Pass

  • Please give us a sample so we can create ours.


We’re making new business cards

  • Could/Should we include BECON.TV on these business cards?



— Do we burn that into the show? if so is there a prepared location for that so we don’t overlap with the BECON.TV BUG

— Can we prep lower 1/3s for you to use to throw up on other shows?


  • Gear we can borrow from BECON options
    • Wireless mics?  Please help me understand the basic options of utilizing a wireless shirt mic.
    • Gear


  • What recommendations do you have about any video specs/settings when shooting / editing?
    • 16:9 — 4:3? Should we just shoot 16:9?
    • Any Recommendations for COLOR of SHIRTS of broadcasters that show best on TV?


  • Press Card — please give us a sample graphic of one, do we need to register anywhere with any entities?


  • TRUCK —
    Just curious: In that instance, question: Are the cameras wireless or do they all have to be hooked into the truck? Whats the furtherest distance you can go from truck?


  • Microphone cube: What is the size of that? Can you give me one/show me one?



TRADEShow list ? Where do you have that know of that? you mentioned linking with them.

I want to know also of any VIDEO TRADE SHOWS in South florida that you may know about lookign at 3d Cams?

What sized Promo videos … do you need? only lower thirds?

Do you have a video library we can